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Q. What is Point?

A. Point is the Forum's Credit and Can be Used to Unlock Threads.

Q.How can i get point?

A. you can Purchase points on your Profile Page or get Point by posting.

Q.How much Point i can get per post?

A. you earn 0.01 point per thread and 0.005 point per post you make.

Q. Can i transfer my points to other Users?

A. Yes, go to your profile and transfer your points from there to another user.

Q. How can i Make money on this Forum?

A. by posting threads, if anyone ulock your thread you will receive a point that you've chosen when you created the Thread.

Q. is my income limited?

A. No, you can make money as much as you can

Q. is there a minimum amount for withdrawal?

A. Yes, minimum Amount of points to withdraw is 50 Points.

Q. What is the fee of withdrawal and how long does it take to earn money?

A. Withdrwal fee is 20% of your points, if you want to withdraw 100 points, you will receive 80$ in BTC, as soon as you do a withdrawal request, you will receive your funds within 24 hours.

Q. What should i do to withdraw points?

A. when you reached at 50 points or more, go to your profile page and save your BTC address there, then submit a withdrawal request.

Q. i unlocked a thread and it was a public free one on other forums, Can i get my points back?

A. Yes!, if you see a public thread, report that thread with proof and link of the post on other forums, then our staffs will check it and if it's true, the thread will be deleted and all received points will be refunded to the buyers

Q. can i resell my points?

A. no, reslling points or anything in this board is porhibited and you will be banned.